Mark 12:31-35

Mark 12:31 (KJB)
And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

While the lawyer only asked for the greatest law, Jesus extends that question out and adds another law which is similar in nature to the first one. The word “the” is a definite article making this without question the second greatest commandment. The word “second” in the Greek is also in the ordinal form which means that there is no question that it is second in line after the first one above. Loving your neighbor as yourself means you want the highest good for them. You place them before you. Let’s bring it down to today. You have two slices of pizza left and one is bigger, you give them the bigger one. Now let’s look at the spiritual lesson here. To desire the best for your neighbor, is to desire them to become saved. If you are saved, then you know you are on your way to Heaven and you will also know where your unsaved neighbor is going. You want to see them become saved so they will not go to hell. Wanting to see another person saved for eternity is the highest form of love because with that desire will come rejection and persecution, and one that overcomes those circumstances will show true love. Remember what a neighbor is. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus tells the people that the Samaritan was showing love to the one who was robbed and left for dead on the Jericho road. Now this Samaritan did not know who this man was until he came upon him but yet Jesus qualified this Samaritan as a neighbor to the man who was robbed. (Luke 10:36-37 KJV) Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves? {37} And he said, He that showed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise. He did not fear what others thought of him or what they might do to him, he did what was right for the man. (1 John 4:18 KJV) There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. The reason why these commandments are the two greatest because they deal with our relationship with God and fellow man. We will only be able to fulfill these commandments by Grace alone, which means they can be fulfilled only by the saved. The unsaved do not show real love nor do they concern themselves with the glory of God.

Mark 12:32 (KJB)
And the scribe said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth: for there is one God; and there is none other but he:

This scribe seemed to be one who was not prejudiced against Jesus because his response to Jesus was very polite and understanding. The scribe was definitely pleased with the answer Jesus gave him for he confirmed that it is truth that there is only one God which is in total agreement with Christian doctrine for we have one God in three persons.

Mark 12:33 (KJB)
And to love him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love his neighbour as himself, is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.

This scribe had a good understanding of Scripture because he places loving God and his neighbor with all his heart as a greater good than all the burnt offerings and sacrifice. When King Saul had failed to fully obey the word of the Lord, he was reproved by Samuel. (1 Sam 15:22 KJV) And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. The Lord takes more delight in obedience than in all the burnt offerings and sacrifices. It seemed this scribe knew that the spirit of the law was not wrapped up in the sacrifices but in the love for God and the love of God which would eventually be manifested to others also. Obedience to God shows love for God.

Mark 12:34 (KJB)
And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly, he said unto him, Thou art not far from the kingdom of God. And no man after that durst ask him any question.

Jesus than states that the scribe had answered in a very intelligent way because He saw that this scribe had a good understanding. This is why Jesus had told him that he was not that far from the Kingdom of God. Love for God and the love of God are two major tenets of the Christian life which is lived in the Kingdom of God. Jesus was encouraging him to continue his search for the Kingdom of God because if he continues on that line of thinking and assessing, he will eventually see that Jesus is the Messiah and will become saved. The way that Jesus had answered all of the questions of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Herodians had caused the others to stop asking questions because they too would not be able to catch Him in any type of law breaking, Roman or Mosaic.

Mark 12:35 (KJB)
And Jesus answered and said, while he taught in the temple, How say the scribes that Christ is the son of David?

The Pharisees, Sadducees, and Herodians had questioned Jesus and now Jesus in turn asks them a question as to what they thought about the Christ. He asked them what are your thoughts on Christ? And then He follows up with by asking How say the scribes that Christ is the son of David? The subject of the Messiah was a very vital issue. The Pharisees had responded in the normal fashion concerning their thoughts on a Messiah who would be a political leader of Israel instead of being a spiritual leader. By stating that Christ was the son of David, they were turning the question into a question of nationalism. Jesus was about to reveal His authority in a different way in these final questions. (Mat 12:23 KJV) And all the people were amazed, and said, Is not this the son of David? Even the people saw Jesus as the son of David when they saw the healings that He did.